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When I first started crocheting (way back in high school) my mom tried to tactfully tell me that not everyone would be appreciative

of my time and effort. Being a melodramatic teenager, I thought my mom was squashing my dreams, but

then I read similar advise in a book. Sounds harsh, but it’s oh so true. Having said this, I believe in handmade items, but

I’ve learned to adapt my crafting to the personality of the recipient. If I have an ubber-trendy friend I will buy

something store-bought and then add a personal touch (check out my ‘Personalized Receiving Blankets’).

Also, making something from scratch is not cheaper than buying a ready-made item. Homemade takes more time and often more money to

make than going to a store and buying it. BUT making it yourself doesn’t have to be a laborious and expensive venture.

Hand embroidery is so simple and the embroidery floss is extremely inexpensive. A few chain stitches on a store-bought item adds a unique flair.

Crochet flowers are super simple and can be made from scraps of yarn you have lying around. Simply attach

them to a ready-made item with a few stitches and VIOALA! You can give a gift that no one else can buy!


xxx Kristi